A Chaperon Can be a Good Thing Sometimes

Having a Chaperon in the 21st century may seem like a crazy idea, but when one first meets a prospective future Thai partner, the reverse may be a good sign. Although the concept of a Chaperon is dated, there are many in Thailand that will use this method to ensure first meetings are a little less daunting than they otherwise could be.

Imagine meeting your prospective future partner for the first time. She is quite shy, as many Thais are toward foreigners. Her English language skills are not 100%. She is also not certain about the meeting she is about to have with you. Talking on line is good, but meeting in the real is something that is another level altogether. There will be some good conversations, but one can imagine there will be some quiet times where silence could be deafening.

A Chaperon Can Break the Silence

Bring in the Chaperon. This is where a Chaperon can be a welcome relief for both parties and that ‘other person’ can easily lighten things up a little and provide some assurances for your prospective future partner that this foreigner may actually be a good guy after all. If the Chaperon is there for the right reasons of protecting their friend and to ensure the first meeting goes as smoothly as possible, then the presence of a Chaperon should be welcomed.

The Chaperon may have better English skills. The Chaperon may have more experience with westerners and those from the west. That person may just be a good friend who has come along to make sure her friend is well treated and respected. For whatever the reason, there is much that can be learnt from sitting with both your intended future partner and their friend.

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Body language, regardless of nationality and spoken language cannot be hidden easily. Observing the interaction between them can be wonderfully enlightening. One can learn about their friendship and also their reactions toward you as the other party in the conversation. If the meeting will become negative, the signs should appear quite early as they will be able to communicate this to each other. If the Chaperon likes you, then they may even assist in some way by informing their friend that you seem like a decent guy. This may assist in your endeavours.

Chaperon or Not; It’s Her Choice

If your prospective future partner informs you that it is her decision to bring a Chaperon, there is not really any way you can deny her this. She is stating that this is her preference and in reality, if your motivations are genuine toward her, anything she can do to alleviate any tension during a first meeting, should be considered a good thing.

There is always a positive in every situation. If the meeting is not going well, the Chaperon may be the best thing at the meeting and can provide the perfect out for her friend. There is little point continuing a meeting when one or both parties sense that the meeting is doomed or the participants are simply not suited. The sheer presence of a Chaperon may make this termination quite easy. The Chaperon may actually sense this or receive a sign from her friend that her intention is to finish. If that is the case, then presence of the Chaperon can make this task much simpler and less antagonising.

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