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Overview | Membership | Activity is one of the largest online dating websites in Asia, easily ranking in the top 3 sites for online dating in Thailand and across Asia. AsianDating is not a Thai only focused dating site, but it still has a significant member base from Thailand. AsianDating is the parent site of ThaiCupid and was one of the first online dating sites to cater towards Western men meeting Asian women. This site has matched up singles since the early 2000’s. Recently, it has reached over 2.5 million members worldwide.

AsianDating has been able to take credit for bringing together thousands of couples that have learnt to build a solid foundation for their relationships in the future. AsianDating has a diverse membership base and some fantastic single women to chat with. AsianDating is very popular with expatriates living in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and China, and also westerners living in the US and UK.

For those seeking a genuine, professional Thai woman for a potential long term partner, AsianDating can be a great choice. Although, its membership contains many different Asian nationalities, there are many Thai women members that reside both in Thailand and in other parts of the world. With an active membership of 2.5 million and monthly visits of 560,000, AsianDating is busy at all times of day and night. The large majority of these members are 30 years + and are genuinely seeking long term relationships with foreign males. It provides the perfect environment for destined couples to get to know each other. It is one of the most recommended online dating sites.

The Demographic

AsianDating is a great site to meet genuine Thai women who want to meet an honest man. Those Thai women members on AsianDating may be in Thailand or anywhere in the world. AsianDating membership is vast and varied and including many from other Asian nations. AsianDating provides a clear and simple to use platform for all members to use and interact and backs this up with high levels of security and customer service. This ensures members feel welcome and comfortable.

The large membership numbers are a clear indication that the site has been a successful venture since its beginnings in early 2000. It continues to succeed and attract new members who are genuine in finding a future life partner. If you want to meet a Thai woman but are not restricted to Thailand, then AsianDating may be the perfect solution. Likewise, if you prefer to meet both Thai women and other Asian women simultaneously, then AsianDating is highly recommended. AsianDating also a great site to use if you are planning a trip to multiple countries in Asia.

Most Thai women on AsianDating are genuine, everyday women with normal jobs. Many are professional women from a wide variety of roles including:


  Bank workers



  Office workers

  Government officials, and

  Small business owners.

There are women from the major cities of Bangkok and Chiangmai, stretching from the north to the south of Thailand. Most Thai members are tertiary qualified and are employed in their specialist roles. There is a great chance of meeting an genuine Thai woman here. AsianDating maintains a professional platform that is aimed to match couples who are genuinely interested in finding a life partner. The website staff are continually active to remove less than genuine profiles are enforce website rules to manage unruly behaviour. They are quick to respond to emails, quick to clean up bots, prostitutes and potential scammers to ensure excellent care of their customers. AsianDating (Cupid Media) are a western company; not Thai based.

AsianDating is a long established site and has a solid reputation for providing established systems, excellent customer service and data security. Similar to it’s sister site, ThaiCupid, AsianDating is not a site to be searching for quick sexual encounters. It is a site primarily for couples from diverse cultural background to meet online and develop long term relationships.

Note: There are currently about 6-8 online dating sites that claim that to cater specifically for Thai dating. Some of these are new and have appeared in the last several years. There have been instances of reporting high membership numbers to try and get you to join, only then to instantly realise these members are mostly men or fake female profiles.They are yet to establish themselves as successful in providing the services they claim to offer.

AsianDating Site Layout and Mobile Access

The AsianDating site layout and service are the same as other Cupid Dating websites. AsianDating offers well laid out desktop and mobile websites that are specially tailored to each device category, without the loss of member features and benefits. This makes access to the site flexible and perfect for on the road and away from home. Using the platform is simple and the layout and the communication options flexible and intuitive. AsianDating member profiles are extremely detailed and this ensures better matches are achieved by fully using the information provided. This member profile information is available for all other members to read to determine whether that person is a good match or not.

The sign up process is simple and the new member will be guided through each window to ensure that their newly created profile is completed in every detail. The setup process includes posting profile photos and one can view their own profile to ensure that the information is relevant and as clear as it can be. New members can also view the photos within their profile and see how they would be presented to other members. Profile setup is extremely important and make a huge difference in the amount of interest shown by other members. New members should note that they will not be able to view other member photos until they have uploaded their own profile picture.

The Benefits of AsianDating

AsianDating is the ideal online dating site for foreigners looking for a long term Thai partner. AsianDating attracts Asian members from all over the world. This provides a variety of choices for the western male members that is not usually available on Thai only dating sites. AsianDating does however attract many Thai members who are genuinely serious about finding a future life partner and are a slightly old age group than compared with another prominent Thai online dating site; ThaiFriendly. Many of the Thai women are aged from 30 upward and in most cases, they are serious about finding that special someone.

AsianDating is ideally suited for foreigners who want to meet a Thai woman but are not restricted to Thailand. If you prefer to meet both Thai women and other Asian women simultaneously, then AsianDating is highly recommended. AsianDating also a great site to use if you are planning a trip to multiple countries in Asia and only wish to be an active member on a single site.

With the Thai membership being extremely high and active, AsianDating enjoys approximately 560,000 active visits per month and this is increasing. It’s active membership is listed as 2.5 million and the sheer number of members online at any time is huge. The detailed profile information and search parameters makes it simple to locate professional Thai women with tertiary qualifications who are working in their chosen expertise, both in Thailand and internationally.

AsianDating Platinum Membership Benefits

Some of the best features available to members are enjoyed by the higher membership levels. A quick look at the feature list in the below table will highlight the benefits and the additional features that are offered to Platinum membership. There is a cost to Platinum membership but it is worth the small outlay for the features that are offered.

You are serious about finding a future Thai partner and therefore have chosen to visit this site for honest recommendations on how best to meet and find that special someone. The Platinum membership features offer you that best chance. The larger profiling space offered, the VIP highlighting and advanced matching algorithms will make a huge difference to the number of Thai women that will make contact with you and that you will find as potential matches. Professional, working women will want to meet suitable foreign partners who have similar intellects and experience. Profile matching can assist greatly with this task and it can be working for you when you are offline.

Secured messaging, secured chat portals and translation services within those messaging services are all part of the Platinum membership offerings. The combination of all features ensures the maximum result for your efforts whilst using the AsianDating services as a member. Entering the online dating scene is a big step; Platinum membership makes sure your efforts are maximised in every way possible.

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