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ThaiFriendly is one of the largest Thai online dating websites, ranking in the top 3 sites along with ThaiCupid and AsianDating. ThaiFriendly enjoys approximately 460,000 active visits per month and the number of visits is steadily increasing. It does not openly list it’s active membership as a number, but visiting the site clearly highlights the large number of members online at any time.

ThaiFriendly offers a similar style of service to both ThaiCupid and AsianDating, but the Thai female membership age level is slightly younger. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage for foreign males seeking a genuine long term Thai partner. For those younger foreign males, ThaiFriendly may be the preferred option for locating that special someone. For older foreign males, they may prefer the ThaiCupid and AsianDating due to the majority of female members being slightly older, more settled and many with professional qualifications.

ThaiFriendly may be the perfect online dating site for those who prefer shorter term relationships and those that visit Thailand for holidays. Many of the profiles are not completed with the level of detail that both ThaiCupid and AsianDating contain and therefore, the site attracts a slightly different membership base. ThaiFriendly offers membership to Ladyboys as well and provides specific gender listing for their gender to simplify searches, matching and ensure honesty within profile entry.

The Demographic

ThaiFriendly has a different female membership base from both ThaiCupid and AsianDating. ThaiFriendly is the preferred site for younger foreigners to meet younger Thai women for shorter term liaisons such as holidays and if they reside in Thailand. The membership details offered for other members to read, are brief and provide sufficient information for others to choose to make contact or not.

ThaiFriendly has a varied membership base of Thai women. The mix of those seeking long term relationships and those seeking shorter term liaisons are in equal proportions. The profile formats permit sufficient space for each type of membership preference to be clearly stated to reduce confusion when other members are viewing profiles. There are new female profiles appearing all the time on ThaiFriendly. The large majority reside in the larger cities such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, and Chiangmai. However, there are plenty of ladies that will randomly message you first from more remote locations. There are thousands of active members at any given time.

ThaiFriendly offers a different style of online dating experience to both ThaiCupid and AsianDating. Whereas, both ThaiCupid and AsianDating offer a detailed, highly professional service for locating that potential long term partner, ThaiFriendly offers a more light-hearted experience, where it can be quite exhilarating to be online and interact with other members. The format works well for those that choose to be members here. The format on ThaiFriendly has also proven the test of time and has been running successfully for many years.

ThaiFriendly has a specific gender category for Ladyboys. This provides better search and matching functionality and serves it’s user base, some of whom, prefer this gender. The profile information for these members, as well as other female members will provide sufficient information to determine what type of meeting these members desire. As with female members, there is mix of Ladyboy members who desire relationships of different lengths.

Note: There are currently about 6-8 online dating sites that claim that to cater specifically for Thai dating. Some of these are new and have appeared in the last several years. There have been instances of reporting high membership numbers to try and get you to join, only then to instantly realise these members are mostly men or fake female profiles.They are yet to establish themselves as successful in providing the services they claim to offer.

ThaiFriendly Site Layout and Mobile Access

ThaiFriendly offers well laid out desktop and mobile websites that are specially tailored to each device category with any screen width. There is not loss of member features and benefits when using either site version. This makes access to the site flexible and perfect for on the road and away from home. Using ThaiFriendly is simple and the layout and the communication options flexible and intuitive.

ThaiFriendly profiles provide sufficient information for members to decide whether the person is to their liking. As mentioned above, ThaiFriendly offers a slightly different service to both ThaiCupid and AsianDating and the profile layout and information contained highlight this. Access to provided information is quick and readily accessible; this includes member photos.

The sign up process to ThaiFriendly is simple and the new member will be guided through the setup wizard to provide enough information to get started. Members will be prompted to complete profiles fully, but one can get started with the bare minimum of information. New members can be up and running within minutes of joining but the experience will be lacking. Profile setup is extremely important and make a huge difference in the amount of interest shown by other members. As with all dating sites, the more information one provides the better the matches.

The Benefits of ThaiFriendly

ThaiFriendly is the ideal online dating site for foreigners looking for a shorter term Thai partner. That may be for holidays or for those foreign males who prefer shorter term liaisons at the beginning of any meeting or start of relationship. ThaiFriendly attracts both foreign and Thai members who prefer this shorter term meeting opportunity. Many of the profiles on ThaiFriendly are from younger people and they are open about their intentions for shorter term meetings and what they desire.

ThaiFriendly is ideally suited for foreigners living in Thailand who want to meet Thai women and Ladyboys for dates and other social outings. It is an extremely active site that enjoys approximately 460,000 active visits per month. This site continues to grow in membership numbers.

Those western males genuinely serious about finding a future life partner, aged from 30 upward may prefer ThaiCupid and AsianDating as their first choices for finding their future partner. Even though ThaiFriendly attracts a slightly younger membership, there are still many Thai women aged 30 and over, on this site searching for a genuine partner. With the high visit and member numbers that ThaiFriendly offers, it is still worthy of investigating and deciding for oneself if it is the more preferable option.

ThaiFriendly Premium Membership Benefits

Some of the best features available to members are only enjoyed in the Premium membership. A quick look at the feature list in the below table will highlight the benefits and the additional features that are offered to Premium membership. There is a cost to this Premium membership level but it is worth the small outlay for the features that are offered.

If you are serious about using ThaiFriendly to its full potential, then Platinum membership features offer you that best chance. The unlimited messaging, advanced matching algorithms and more information with better privacy will make a huge difference to the number of Thai women that will make contact with you and that you will find as potential matches.

Secured messaging, unlimited messaging and searchable lists are all part of the Premium membership offerings. The combination of all features ensures the maximum result for your efforts whilst using the ThaiFriendly services as a member. Entering the online dating scene is a big step; Premium membership makes sure your efforts are maximised in every way possible.

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