The Danger With Arranged Marriages and Those That Offers These Services

The danger with arranged marriages is obvious to all. If that is the case, why do some still pursue this option and more so , why do some enter into agreements with people that they have never met before? To enter into such an agreement, can be dangerous and costly. The disastrous stories are there for all to read and study and therefore one must ask how and why these types of services are still offered.

The answer to why these services are still offered is simple; money. There are large amounts of quick, easy money to be made by those offering prearranged marriages or guaranteed provision of a partner for a suitable payment. It is common knowledge that these services are offered in some countries around the globe, but those interested in finding a life partner in Thailand may be surprised to know that there are some services such as this, offered here as well.

“Arranged Marriages = Loss of Money = Disaster”

In most cases, these services are offered by foreigners with a Thai person as a front, offering honest services that can guarantee that they will find you the love of your life, as long as you are prepared to hand over a reasonably large sum of money, up front for their services. They will claim that they are experts in determining what you want and will translate your profile into Thai language and offer it to their ready made list of eagerly awaiting women, in desperate need of marrying a foreigner as soon as possible.

Is this ringing alarm bells in your mind? For any reasonable person, with reasonable expectations, their scam radar should be sending both audible and visual alarms in every direction. These operators are quite skilled and will be prepared for your expressed concerns.

There will be testimonials provided of many happy customers and they will even offer links to their you tube channel where they will clearly outline the dangers of talking with those who may actually live in Thailand, because their advice may be tainted or negative in some aspect. In reality, those real stories and experienced advice is exactly what you should be taking note of. These operators do not want you to be exposed to this information, because the truth exposes them for what they are. They are nothing more than scam artists who are offering services that they cannot provide.

“These Scammers Should be Avoided At All Times”

Can these services provide you with a life partner? Yes, they can, but there will be no guarantee that this person will be genuine in any way. How can somebody you have never met, be genuinely caring and committed towards you, when she has never met you? The question must be asked; is she marrying you because she genuinely cares for you or is she more interested in the idea and concept of being married to a foreigner and the rewards such a marriage may bring?

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How Much are you Paying for Your Future Wife

To purchase an arranged bride, one must first pay a lump sum for the provider to enable some forms of introductions. Most times, these introductions will be out of sight from you and one must place absolute trust in the provider to select the most suitable candidate for you. The provider has never met you; the prospective candidates have never met you either. The only reason you are being discussed is because of some form of contractual arrangement between the marriage proposer and the prospective candidate.

How Much is the Up Front Charge to Buy A Wife?

A quick search of the Internet can provide the answer. Here is a 100% quote from one Thailand based marriage service operated by a foreigner in partnership with a Thai.

A total investment:

  “is just USD $497”.

  “USD $497 is a ‘drop in the bucket’ compared to what I am offering you via this service”

  “NOTE: It is certainly waaaaay cheaper than the $5,000 to $15,000 some introduction agencies would charge you!”

  “Why the Low Price? Because this is largely a labor of love on my behalf. I want to help others to experience the same kind of joy and happiness I have found with my guy.”


How are those alarm bells sounding now?

One can only hope they are ringing loud and clear in your mind. This is only one sales pitch from one website; there is more and it is all about getting your hard earned money. Readers can decide for themselves the legitimacy of such offerings.

The reality is that there is only one true and tried method to meet a prospective life partner. That is, in person. Much background work can be conducted beforehand dating sites to narrow down your search options.

“Don’t Let a Monkey Decide Your Fate – You Must Select Your Own Partner”

In simple terms, if you plan to marry somebody for life, then you must meet and establish that person yourself. Finding comfortable connections and mutual interests with a prospective partner is something that only you can do.

This is where dating sites can be extremely useful. Those seeking genuine companionship will be eager to start communication by both messaging applications and video links. This is an excellent method to establish multiple forms of connection and communication prior to meeting that person for the first time. Dating sites will take more commitment that simply sending a quick profile to an arranged marriage agent, but the rewards are benefits are obvious. The more Thai women one has contacts with, the more one starts to understand the culture, the language nuances and learns to be able to adapt to establish common ground.

“Forget Arranged Marriages – If it’s To Good to be True, It Usually Is”

Forget those offering arranged marriages and arranged meetings for financial payment. If something seems to good to be true, it most likely is. Those offering the impossible have other motivations in mind; access to your money. In many cases, those prospective candidates they are offering as life partners, have similar mindsets.

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