The Suitability of a Thai Wife in the 21st Century

Thai women have a wonderful reputation worldwide for being naturally caring and supportive of their partners. With the technology readily available, Thai women are now looking further a field for life partners and are no longer restricting themselves to local offerings. Many younger Thai women have realised their own importance and are no longer prepared to compromise on major life decisions that can directly affect themselves and their families.

The term ‘Thai bride’ is considered a rather insulting term in the modern era. The expression was, in the past, associated with mail order brides. Unfortunately some websites run by foreigners and Thais in partnership with foreigners, still offer these services for considerable financial gain. These sites should be avoided at all costs.

Thai Women are Using the Internet More Than Ever

The Internet is readily available in Thailand and almost every person has a smart phone. Thais are the largest users of Facebook in the world and their use of social media in general is significant. They use their smart phone for access to news, as well as all contact with friends and family. Most businesses in Thailand manage Facebook pages and many sell directly via Facebook to the public.

With this access, it is understandable that Thai women are now using the Internet to find both foreign and local life partners. Thai women today are more likely to be determined to find a younger future partner that suits their future dreams. The Internet has changed the phenomenon of the ‘Thai Bride’ to that of Thai women controlling their own destiny, with the use of tools that are readily available to them.

“Thais are Connected Online 24/7 with Fast and Cheap Internet Services”

Thai women are taking advantage of the Internet to find international relationships with eligible men all over the world on their own terms. The levels of emigration of Thai women who marry foreigners to countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland , Finland, Belgium, Netherlands and Switzerland has exponentially increased in recent years.

The Internet has been the key to this change. It has it has allowed Thai women to make instant contact with local men online and foreign men, all over the world, in their search for a life partner. Internet access and speed across Thailand are some of the highest in the world. As smart devices become cheaper and more capable, it is expected that online activity throughout Thailand will increase exponentially in the near future. Online dating will continue its growth in line with this.

Recommended Thai Dating Sites

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Many Thai Women are Well Educated

Today, Thai women are likely to be educated,often at tertiary level. They have significant work experience and can speak English, French, German, Dutch or some other foreign language to a mostly acceptable level. In many instances Thai women have not only found foreign husbands but have also established businesses abroad, providing employment in their adopted countries.

Many Thai women have decided to marry a foreign partner and to make their life away from Thailand. In many situations, economic opportunities are better and western men are seen as more faithful and dedicated partners. This may not be always true but the increase of western media’s influence in Thailand’s everyday culture, has been responsible for many changes.

Many edicated Thai women are also very interested in foreign cultures and it could be said that the ‘opening up’ of Thailand has really only begun with the Internet age. No longer does the paranoia and xenophobia towards the west, rule the younger generations of Thais. With access to Internet services, they can read for themselves what is happening outside their own borders and more importantly, they can read what the world thinks of Thailand.

Thai women,  have a keen sense of femininity and maintain ‘old fashioned’ and more traditional views towards marriage. This does not necessarily mean that Thai women are submissive. Thai women are more respectful of Thai culture and values handed down through generations regarding personal relationships between men and women. For many, western society lost these traits decades ago. Most Thai women are realistic, pragmatic and want to make a success of their relationships. A successful marriage is something that can be proudly displayed as a success.

When you start to use the dating sites we have recommended, don’t be surprised if you are contacted by some Thai women upfront. Don’t be surprised if they ask many questions about you and your country. Their world is opening up in all types of ways and they are fully aware that dating sites are the best method for them to meet a prospective future foreign husband.

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