Traps in Thai Online Dating Sites

Traps and scams in online dating sites exist everywhere in the world and Thai variants of dating sites attract some undesirable elements, hoping to take advantage of those who are genuinely attempting to find a life partner. Even though these issues exist, users can learn to identify these traps / scams quickly by adopting some ground rules and techniques to follow when using online dating.

The biggest dangers for any online scam is the loss of money, the loss of personal information, the threat of blackmail and identity theft. These threats (if realised) can be disastrous for the individual who’s information and privacy have been breached, however, using tried and proven techniques whilst active in online dating, can ensure that these dangers are avoided and the threat/s, negated.

African Romance Scammers

This might be one of the most popular scams that happened on every online dating website. There would appear to be some locations in African nations that generate significant income by asking money in emails, chat rooms, and dating websites. Lonely people are the best targets for every scammer; they think irrationally, with their emotions all over the place. Older people are also targets and dating sites can be a prime location to find both elderly and those thinking irrationally, in one location.

African scammers pretend to be either men or women. The primary goal is money and therefore both genders are targeted. They often steal attractive photos of male and female models, create a fake profile and then start chatting with lonely people. Foreign males and Thai women are equally targeted and in recent years, there have been multiple arrests of African nationals in Thailand, for scamming Thais online.

It is quite simple to identify who these scammers really are. Request a video link up to see who you are really talking with. If there is a delay in starting the video or constant excuses of why they cannot start a video, then the profile should be avoided. Another method is to google search the profile photo and other photos. Google search algorithms are quite advanced nowadays and facial recognition can be quite revealing for those attempting to use a prominent face picture as a profile shot.

Any requests for money, bank accounts, assistance with moving / accessing / unlocking funds should be avoided and reported immediately to the website moderation team. Free dating sites have minimal moderation and this is where premium services are far superior in protecting members and removing members who are less than genuine.

Freelancers Online

Thai dating sites are used by Thai freelancers for locating both past and new customers. Many Thai bar workers now use online dating profiles to add to their overall earning capacity. They will use any means necessary and ineffective site moderation on some free dating websites can provide easy access for these people to start and continue advertising on dating platforms.

In the large majority of cases, freelancer profiles can be easily identified by other members, by the information provided in their profiles and the times that these profiles are active. Consider that the large majority of genuine members seeking others will login on a daily basis when they awaken or when they start work. They will mostly log off when they decide to retire. Most genuine users will not be online in the late evening and early morning hours. Those online in the late hours are mostly in search of something other than genuine friendship. They are online to attract customers in Thailand for short term meetings and liaisons.

“Premium Membership Provides Effective Moderation and Ensures Privacy”

Freelancers usually work by large numbers of contacts and messaging. They are interested in short term gain only and therefore are not interested in any member who is not in Thailand and not within local travelling distance to ensure a quick profit. In many cases, these freelancers will display less conservative profile photos to attract immediate attention and may use photos with numbers and contact details embedded within the photo to avoid website rules on contact.

If you are uncertain of whether you have made contact with a freelancer, then there are some easy signs to confirm this quickly. Messaging will also be short and infrequent. This is due to the large volume of contact these freelancers are managing at all times when online. These members will continually log off and on again to fresh their profile to the top of the most recent online pages. This ensures their profile is seen by those other members logging on. Ultimately, at some point not far into any conversation, they will want to determine whether you are ready to meet or not. Their insistence of this is a tell-tailing sign.

Recommended Thai Dating Sites

Already convinced of the benefits of Online Dating & want to know the best Sites

Ladyboys Online

The are thousands of Ladyboys in Thailand who are using Thai online dating sites to find a genuine partner. Many have good employment, steady lifestyles and are simply trying to find that someone special for their future lives. Unfortunately, there are some Ladyboy freelancers who use the dating site platforms to improve their chances of finding customers in the same way as their female freelancing counterparts.

All reputable dating websites in Thailand have user selectable menus that refine the gender within any search parameter settings. Therefore users not wanting to view Ladyboy profiles can select ‘female’ within their searches. Unfortunately, those Ladyboy freelancers who wish to increase their chances of meeting new customers will not be truthful about their gender and will enter female, to increase their prospects.

Thai Ladyboys are some of the most beautiful in the world. Face profiles pictures can at times be less than absolute in determining the gender of an individual. Body pictures can be much more revealing and this is why the more varied profile shots can be an advantage. Cosmetic surgery in Thailand is a highly evolved industry and many Ladyboys have gone to extreme measures to realise their life dreams of transforming into a woman.

Dating or not dating Ladyboys is a personal preference. If you are happy to date Ladyboys, then it is advisable to ensure that the individual has a solid job, good family life and genuine intentions. Not all of these Ladyboys are scammers as standard perceptions across the Internet will confirm over and over again. Some of them are very honest about who they really are. Proper communication is key to understanding how genuine they are towards you.

If your preference is not to meet and talk with Ladyboys, then there are some methods to filter out those being less than genuine in their profiles. Ladyboys are taller than the average Thai woman at only 159cm. Ladyboys will also have wider shoulders, larger hands / feet and longer arms than women. Of course, their Adam’s Apple can be a giveaway, but this can removed with surgery for a reasonable price in Thailand.

Cosmetic surgery can change most things and many will undergo nose implants, chin implants and of course, breast augmentation. Their male voice is difficult to change and hide. It takes years of practice to master this and many Thai Ladyboys have mastered this. Ultimately, the only way to tell 100% is to view their Thai ID Card or their Passport ID Page.

In many cases, the best method is to simply ask the question. Those Thai women who are tall and display larger features than the average women displays will be used to being asked to confirm their gender. With the advances in cosmetic surgery In Thailand, there is more confusion than ever when attempting to determine the absolute ‘birth’ gender of some who are determined to change themselves.

Personal Detail and Money Scammers

The theft of personal and identifying information can lead to identity fraud quickly. All measures should be employed to ensure that no personal details of any kind are provided openly to anyone that requests them on open and public forums, such as dating websites. The more personal identifying information accessed by scammers, the more chances of fraud and theft.

“Premium Membership Ensures Security of Personal Information”

Genuine Thai dating sites offering premium features offer many services that can avoid being subjected to online scams. Secured messaging and translation services, combined with heavy moderation of the membership base ensures than many attempting to gather personal details from other members fail to even establish the most basic requests.

These members should be avoided immediately:

  Those that declare their undying love for you within a few days.

  Those that ask for your email address, in the first day or two of contact.

  Those that want you to use an instant messaging service, shortly after meeting normally that is outside the messaging service offered within the dating site. They will claim not have access to a web-cam and will want to continue with voice only.

  Those that ask for money in any way.

  Those that discuss monetary problems quickly and portray sadness openly attempting to gain sympathy.

  Those that have no employment and hope to find a foreigner to take care of them and their families without offering anything to the relationship.

  Those that do not have a web-cam. Web-cams are cheap in Thailand and most devices have them fitted as standard. Even Internet cafes have web-cams on all computers.

  Those that mention visa problems, bank account problems anything related to financial systems.

The Best Method of Dealing with Scammers

The best method of dealing with online dating scammers is to report them immediately to the site moderators. Premium sites offering premium memberships are worth the minimal cost. The additional services provided negate many of the methods that potential scammers can use to achieve their goals.

Real time moderation in conjunction with algorithms designed to detect incomplete and untruthful profiles assist with maintaining an effective level of detection over the public areas of these dating sites. Secured internal messaging and translation services provide complete and comprehensive user tools to ensure that outside messaging and video applications are not required with new meetings and contact. These secured tools slow down the speed of contact that scammers prefer. Slowing of processes where high contact of numbers and messaging negates the effectiveness of many methods used by scammers.

Reputable dating sites will not permit the posting of personal information within profiles. They also provide tools for members to report other members who are partaking in less than desirable, honest activities and contact with other members. Avoiding contact with scammers / potential scammers is the best method of avoiding issues. Using the information here, can assist users is identifying scammers quickly, so that they can be blocked and avoided in the future.

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